Product overview

Patient Medication
Record (PMR)

Connecting pharmacies & care homes
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Workflow-based medicine management
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Simplified care home communication
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Optimised care home deliveries
Trusted Supplier
NHS approved supplier - vcare systems - provides a critical bridge between different healthcare systemscrown commercial supplier - vcare systems - provides a critical bridge between different healthcare systems

The Pharmacy Pathway

Connected PMR solution optimises a pharmacy's daily processes
Step 1
Care Home Order

The Care home manages medication through VCare's portal to arrange the next cycle of medicines

Step 2
Pharmacy Receives Order

Pharmacist can immediately see a care home's order in VCare's Pharmacy Application

As soon as prescriptions are received, a care home's order can be processed all at once. The system automatically matches a care home's order to relevant prescriptions

Step 3
Prescription Validation

Pharmacist validates and dispenses the prescriptions using VCare's Pharmacy Application

The system automatically checks against original care home order, raising items that require additional validation due to, for example, a change from previous cycle

Step 4

Medicines are delivered to care home. The application can optimise for all orders to be delivered in a single visit, driving efficiency within the organisation

Step 5
Medicines Received

‍Care home receives all medicines for the cycle. Home manager can see in the care home portal each step of the medicine's journey from prescription to dispensing to delivery. Care home confirms medicines have been delivered in their portal, which automatically updates pharmacy

Less phone calls needed to provide updates on dispensing status

Step 6
Pharmacy Oversight

Pharmacist has full visibility on whether care home has checked-in medication and the details of who has checked it in and at what time

Full transparency throughout for both pharmacy and care home

Why Choose VCare PMR?

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Industry Leading Support
7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are always on hand to help with customer questions
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Multi-Tab Working
Perform multiple tasks at once with multi-tab workflow. Users can pause and resume tasks without losing progress
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Smart Charts
Automatically tags medication to both enhance MAR charts and reduce errors
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Direct Care Home Link
Streamline care home communication with direct link to care home digital system
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Extensive Drug Image Library
Thousands of drug images available in the system means any medicine can be easily identified
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Interactive Dashboards
Map the entire workflow of a pharmacy, from medicine orders through to delivery

Streamlined Care Home Communication

VCare's PMR directly connects to a care home's Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR), ensuring that all stakeholders are kept up to date regarding medicine compliance, orders and delivery. Shared medicine information means less phone calls and improved efficiency for all parties

How We Helped Wells Pharmacy

“I’ve heard many stories of patients who’ve forgotten to take their insulin and not mentioned it."

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Trusted by the UK's top healthcare institutions
NHS approved supplier - vcare systems - provides a critical bridge between different healthcare systems
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