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‍Providing Total Patient Context
Trusted Supplier

Flexible Approach to Remote Monitoring

VCare's Remote Patient Monitoring platform can be utilised in a variety of healthcare settings.

The Virtual Ward is helping to transform post-discharge care by enabling patients to leave hospital sooner, whilst being remotely monitored from their home.

The system is also being used across hundreds of care homes to provide a much-needed connection between social care and healthcare organisations.

VCare's Remote Patient Monitoring platform has been adopted across a broad population segment to help prevent negative healthcare outcomes and to promote patient behaviour.


Our RMS solution is the most fully-featured on the market.

Custom Monitoring Kit

Hand-pick devices, including the VCare precision monitoring wearable, that suit your organisation's monitoring use-case
Flexible approach
All kit pre-configured
Works straight out-the-box

Video Consultations

Within the platform, patients and care teams can interact directly via video call
Multiple stakeholders can be on a single call
Patients can request call backs
Alleviates patient anxiety

Custom Patient Escalations

Patients receive a relevant escalation message if their health deteriorates
Helps signpost patients to the right people
Promotes improved response times
Personalised patient care

Companion Patient App

Patients can see all of their health information within the VCare app and are immediately alerted when their risk level changes
Ensures common patient & clinician language
Improves condition education amongst patients
Empowers patient independence

Patient Data Safety & Information

We take data and security seriously
Accredited company
Approved supplier of remote monitoring service
Testing Certification verified

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